Address Proof Letter is a document which is submitted to the consulate while filing the visa application. The sole purpose of this letter is  to confirm whether the applicant resides in the city, where the application is filed. This usually happens when the passport is issued outside the city of employee’s residence or if he is new to the city (depending on the respective consulate requirement of minimum stay period in the current city).

In this letter you have to ensure to add most of the points covered in the employment letter and in addition you have to confirm the applicant’s current residential address as per company  records. It is recommended to mention his work address as well. Do keep the below pointers while preparing the same

  • Employee Details (Name {As per the Passport}, Date of Joining and Current Designation)
  • Local HR SPOC details (A person who can verify the details mentioned in the documents provided to the consulate)
  • Work Address (Complete address)
  • Current Residential Address (As per company records)

It always helps to give as much detail as possible to the consular officers and be transparent with the application details. If you need any further support in preparing the right consular documents, reach out to