When you apply for a visa for countries other than the US, their consulates can ask you to visit them in person for an interview. There is no need to worry if you are called for a personal interview as this could be for various reasons. For example it’s mandatory to have a personal interview in person or through video calling if you are applying for a visa to Argentina. In the same way, Other consulates do the same based on various internal criteria (including but not limited to random selection).

It’s imperative that the employee prepares himself/herself on the below questions before you visit/have a call with the consulate:

Employer name

Your designation

Annual Salary

Which visa category you are applying

Where are you going? (Exact location in the destination country)

Purpose of travel

Duration (Dates)

Important notes to keep in mind:

Respect their time

Concentrate on the questions asked

Answer the questions clearly

Keep it short, however ensure to answer all the details required for the officer to make a decision

Be genuine / Transparent & Honest

If you need help on how to prepare the employees for the consular interview, do reach out to jani.jermans@sjmobilita.com