The common thing that I notice with most of the applicants are the fear of rejection when applying and then anger if the application is rejected.

Usually people are more worried/fearful when applying for a visa to US/UK & Europe rather than Asian countries.

But you need not fear if your application is genuine. If it’s not genuine then don’t even bother to apply for the visa. If you think you will get away with it, you are mistaken. The consular officers are trained to identify such fradulent applications.

There are times however when the documents may not be able to give a clear picture to them to justify why the application should be approved. That’s why it helps if you can add more details in a self supporting letter that gives a clear picture of why the application should be approved.

The self supporting letter should include the below details:

  • Passport details
  • Employment details Evidence (Employment id/HR letter)
  • Financial Supporting Documents (Pay slips/bank statement where salary is credited)
  • Day wise itinerary (from the day you land till the day you depart at the destination)
  • Flight booking confirmation
  • Hotel booking confirmation for all the days
  • Medical Insurance for the entire duration (Recommended)
  • If you are invited by someone locally, then share their passport/visa details and their credentials along with their contact number
  • Sponsorship letter if the local sponsor is sponsoring your trips.

Please note that the supporting letter should only include relevant details and not become too long and unreadable. There are also people who are hesitant to share the flight/hotel confirmation as they don’t want to book before the visa issuance. My advice is that if you are actually planning to travel then please go ahead and book but ensure you apply for a visa at least before 90 days, so that you have time to react in case of delays etc or reapply in case your application gets rejected. It is always recommended that you book flights that allow schedule changes or cancellation in case you need to make changes.

If you need help to prepare the supporting letter , do reach out to