Consulate requires different documents for different categories of visas. There are some countries where  the consulate checklist differs with the jurisdiction. Hence it’s important to ensure to comply by the consular checklist as per the respective jurisdiction.

There are multiple concerns raised by the applicants in terms of sharing the documents

  • Why does the consulate need these many documents?
  • I am a corporate honcho and I don’t want to share my financial documents
  • Sense of entitlement that the consulate has to approve
  • Celebrities from different fields refusing to share any documents thinking they are entitled for a blanket approval

You might be a VVIP in your country, but remember consular officers do not know who you are as they are from different country, don’t expect everyone to know about you even in your own country

To make it simpler, no matter who you are, share all the documents requested by the consulate as you do not want to get a rejection due to that

You are not entitled for any visas unless you comply with the country guidelines and consular requirements, hence ensure to share as much as relevant detail possible to get the positive outcome

The officer has every right to reject an application if you have not provided the documents as per the required checklist

If you need help in terms of the right document , do reach out to