Many of us are petrified to go to the US consulate for a visa interview as there are many horror stories about the questions asked and how difficult the whole process is. But that is not the case, as long as you are applying for a genuine reason and are not falsifying any data then you have a good chance.

The criteria of approval is actually very simple, basically they check if you are going to the US for the reason you gave and can support yourself while you are interviewed by the consular officer. For non-immigrant visa’s they also look at how likely you are to return and not overstay your visa.

You should be prepared to answer the following questions about your trip and yourself before you visit the consulate:

  • Employer name
  • Your designation
  • Purpose of travel
  • Annual Salary
  • Which visa category you are applying under?
  • Where are you going? (City & State not USA, the officer knows you are going to US that’s the  reason you are at the US consulate)
  • Duration – Be precise with the dates
  • Why is it important for you to travel?
  • Will you be getting paid in US?
  • If you are visiting the client, then their details
  • Who is sponsoring the trip and their details

Important notes to keep in mind during the interview:

  • Concentrate on the questions asked.
  •  Answer the questions clearly.
  •  Keep it short & to the point while ensuring you provide all relevant details
  •  Respect their time
  •  Be genuine
  •  Be transparent
  •  Be honest

Being prepared with the above details will help you to get a positive outcome

Best of luck.

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