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June 30, 2020

Can I Reapply if my Visa Application is Rejected?

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Many of the applicants have one and the same question when their application is rejected by the consulate. Can I reapply? Or When can I reapply?

The answer is, it depends on which category of visa that you had applied and the reason why it got rejected. Most of the tourist/business visa application gets rejected due to lack of sufficient  documents as per the checklist. If that is the case, then you always can reapply by providing the missing documents along with all the documents that you had submitted earlier. Yes, you have to reapply as fresh application and yes, you need to pay your fees again and your earlier fees are not going to be refunded. Hence ensure that you validate and verify before submitting the application to avoid such rejections.

If the application gets rejected for work permit cases, few can be reapplied immediately and there are few where you have to wait for a certain period (ex: cool off period of 1 year). The cool off period varies from country to country.

The third and final scenario, when your application gets rejected because you have given the false information. There are times it may be intentional or sometimes it might have been a overlooked mistake. Irrespective of that, if the rejection is due to false details, whether it’s intentional or not, Sorry you cannot reapply as you might have got banned. The ban period depends on the country, for example UK bans for 10 years. Yes, 10 YEARS.

Hence my advice, ensure NEVER, EVER submit a fraudulent application or provide any false details. Please don’t think you will escape the eyes of the consular officers. They are trained well enough to pick up those.

Be honest with your application, that’s going to help you with a good track record for your future visa applications with a positive outcome

Best of luck

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