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March 11, 2021

How Recruiting became my Second Love after Corporate Immigration….

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I am a corporate immigration specialist and not a recruiter. It was never my specialty and I never thought I will get into this field.

I have a start-up and we were focused on adding more corporate clients to our client list in supporting them with their international requirements. We were doing very well in this but then Covid hit and like lot of other industries we were stuck because no one could travel and that meant no company had any Immigration requirements. We thought that we could wait it out but once it became clear that this was going to be a long term issue until the vaccine came, we knew that we had to look at alternative streams.

Since it was no use complaining about the problems, I reached out to my contacts to see what other options we could explore. One of my friends runs a job consultancy for one of South Asian countries and I connected with him to see if we could help him with the recruiting. He was very helpful and immediately said yes. After some training on the process I was ready to tackle the new role. It was a complete switch for me as this was not something I had done before but I was eager to learn. Initially I had problems with sourcing profiles because the profiles we needed were completely different from my network, but then I became proficient in LinkedIn and developed my contacts for hiring. This enabled me to source profiles for various roles quickly and efficiently.

While I was working on this, I had a steep learning curve and working with each candidate was a different experience. But this also prepared me for corporate hiring as well along with private job placements and have had multiple successful placements all over the world.

As time passed, I realized that I was starting to enjoy recruitment and this role made me happy. Listening to the candidates and getting to know them and their personal struggles, I was glad that I could help them get settled by getting a good job. I always said a prayer for candidates who needed a placement badly and at times even voluntarily coached them for extra few hours when I felt that, they needed a little extra guidance on their communication skills or needed some tips on how to successfully clear an interview. These were lessons I had learnt over a decade of corporate experience and I was happy to share them with the candidates to help them get a leg up.

As you can imagine the joy when your candidate gets the role, is priceless and nothing makes me happier to know that I made a positive difference in their life. We have placed candidates abroad with good hikes and the feedback we have gotten from both our corporate clients and the candidates has been amazing and that gives me enormous joy.

Even though corporate immigration remains my first love, recruitment has quickly become my second love. The happiness and smiles that I see/feel from the successful candidates is priceless and I am glad I found this opportunity to help the candidates in need.

I am still learning the trade, but I am motivated to do more because of the pure joy of helping someone to get their livelihood back by getting them a job. I have decided this is what matters that you are able to help someone through the right contacts.

If you are a job seeker, do follow our SJ Mobilita page in Linkedin, you are going to get all the open positions posted there and if any of the openings suits you, do reach out. We would be glad to help you to get placed.

If you are a job provider, do let me know, if we can work together to help the people in need to bring them back to their livelihood or a better position for the deserving candidates. Please feel free to reach out to

Let us use this platform to help the candidates specially who lost their jobs and struggling to feed their family. Let’s work together to bring back their smile for themselves and their family, in our own small way…

Happy Recruiting………………Happy People…………..More Smiles….

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