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May 12, 2020

Being Compliant on a Business Visa

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In the current scenario, most of the corporates treat business visas like tourist visas and those requests are directly routed through travel agents without any checks or validations. There are also corporate allowing employees to travel on a business visa as a short cut. This is clearly violating the country laws and intentionally being non-compliant. Do remember this is going to hit you hard when you least expect it. The corporate that got penalized in the last few years is mostly due to misuse of business visas. Hence it’s utmost important that you do the compliance check and be compliant.

As a general thumb of rule, business visit is to attend business meetings. There are some activities some of the countries allow and some do not. For example, some countries allow hands on training, wherein others do not and might allow only class room training. For example, Countries like Russia, have post registration if the travel exceeds 7 business days and there are countries have various other restrictions.

For any traveller, the duration of stay in a country cannot exceed 180 days, which would attract tax implications.

So what should do you to make the business travel compliant

  • Audit the activities as per the country guidelines, know what is allowed and what not
  • Educate the employee on the allowed activities so that employee is compliant while on travel, also inform if any post formalities to be done in the country
  • Keep tab of the travel of all employees to ensure they don’t cross 180 days in a year during multiple trips
  • It’s recommended to restrict the business travel to a week or two

It’s very important, that you adhere to the business compliance which is very important for the global growth of the company. If you need more guidance on this, please reach out to

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