Our CSR Activities

Education is the backbone of an individual or family's growth which in turn helps in the countries growth. Having a good education is something that gives an individual the ability to live a respectable life. We believe strongly in enpowering people by helping them get access to good education and feel that every company needs to work with the local communities and support people who are unable to financially support their education and growth. So, in spite of being a startup we already have an active CSR program that is supporting multiple students by helping with their education and related expenses. The only commitment we require from the candidates we support is the pledge to support at least one candidate's education in the future when they are financially stable and can afford it. This way we aim to build a pay it forward scheme so that all the people we helped can help others in turn. The more people we have helping out like this, the better the world we live in becomes.

Our goal is that five years down the line, we want to increase the CSR effort to be able to sponsor complete education expenses for at least 100 students across India annually.

On-Going Support Activity:

Previous Support Activity (Completed):